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Independence Day 2023: How Many Countries Celebrate Independence Day on 15th August with India

Independence Day is a special day for many countries. India celebrates its Independence Day on August 15, and did you know that four other countries also celebrate their Independence with India. Let’s learn about how many countries celebrate Independence Day on 15th august and how they celebrates it.

List of Countries Celebrate Independence Day on 15th August

1. India

15th August in India known as “Independence Day”

India, the world’s largest democracy, celebrates its Independence Day on August 15. On this day in 1947, India gained independence from British colonial rule after a long and arduous struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters. The day is marked by flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, cultural events, and speeches by political leaders. The iconic Red Fort in Delhi serves as the focal point of the celebrations, where the Prime Minister addresses the nation and pays homage to the freedom fighters.

How Independence Day is Celebrated in India:
  • Flag hoisting ceremonies take place across the country.
  • Cultural programs feature music, dance, and theater performances.
  • Vibrant fireworks displays light up major cities.
  • Political leaders deliver special speeches to the nation.
  • Families enjoy traditional food and sweets together.
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2. The Republic of Congo: Independence with India

15th August in The Republic of Congoknown as“Congo-Brazzaville”

The Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, is in Africa. It became independent from French rule on August 15, 1960. This was a big moment for the people of Congo, as they had been under foreign control for a long time. It’s essential to remember that this is a different country from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How 15thAugust  is Celebrated in The Republic of Congo:

  • Military parades and flag-raising ceremonies demonstrate national pride.
  • Traditional music and dance performances fill the air with joy.
  • Sports competitions and games bring people together.
  • Colorful fireworks displays illuminate major cities.
  • Cultural festivals honor and celebrate Congolese traditions.

3. South Korea and North Korea – Independence with India

15th August in South Korea Known as “Gwangbokjeol” or ‘the day the light returned’
15th August in North Korea Known as “Chogukhaebangŭinal,” or ‘Liberation of the Fatherland Day’

South Korea and North Korea also celebrates its independence day with India. In 1945, on August 15, the Korean peninsula got its freedom from Japan after World War II.

This event led to the creation of two countries: South Korea and North Korea. In South Korea, this day is called ‘Gwangbokjeol,’ meaning ‘the day the light returned,’ showing the end of a dark period. North Korea calls it ‘Chogukhaebangŭinal,’ or “Liberation of the Fatherland Day.” Even though these countries are different, they both remember this important day and Independence with India.

How 15thAugust isCelebrated in South Korea and North Korea:

  • South Korea lights up the night with fireworks displays in cities like Seoul.
  • North Korea hosts mass games and performances in Pyongyang.
  • Both nations showcase their national strength with military parades.
  • Cultural events highlight and celebrate Korean traditions.
  • Special food and drink promotions add to the festivities.

4. Liechtenstein – Independence with India

15th August in Liechtenstein Known as National Day

Liechtenstein is a small country in Europe, and it celebrates its National Day on August 15. Even though Liechtenstein was never taken over by another country, this day is special because of Assumption of Mary Day. People in Liechtenstein have parades, fairs, and fireworks on this day also Independence with India.

How 15th August is Celebrated in Liechtenstein:

  • Festive parades and processions fill the streets with excitement.
  • Traditional music and dance performances bring joy to the celebrations.
  • Fireworks light up the sky over Vaduz, the capital city.
  • Sports competitions and games engage the community.

5. Bahrain – Independence with India

15th August in Bahrain Known as “Bahraini Independence Day”

On August 15, 1971, Bahrain, a group of islands in the Persian Gulf, became independent from British and Iranian control. This was a big step for the people of Bahrain, and it led to their growth and success. Bahrain also has another National Day on December 16, but August 15 is still very important.

How 15th August is Celebrated in Bahrain:

  • Fireworks light up the sky over Manama, the capital city.
  • People enjoy traditional music and dance performances.
  • Festive parades and processions fill the streets.
  • Special discounts and promotions at shopping malls add to the celebration.
  • Cultural exhibitions showcase the rich heritage of Bahrain.
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August 15 is a significant day for many countries. Countries who share their independence day with India are- the Republic of Congo, South Korea, North Korea, Liechtenstein, and Bahrain. These nations all celebrate their freedom on this day. It’s a time to remember the struggles for independence and the progress these countries have made. This shared celebration shows that even though these countries are far apart, they have a special connection on this special day.